I tried to grow marijuana

Boredom does terrible things to me.

During the first part of the COVID lockdown, I was climbing the walls.

I took a lot of naps, and watched a lot of Netflix, and did absolutely nothing of any worth or value. My wake-up call came from my older brother. We were chatting over text messages and he told me how he started taking online classes to learn a new language. When I asked him why he was doing it, he said that he wanted to use this time for something productive. This inspired me to try and learn a new skill, so I decided to start growing cannabis plants in the garage. I had always wanted to learn how to grow my own marijuana, but always found an excuse not to do it. With so much time on my hands, and a collection of cannabis seeds I had been saving for the last few months, I started my new project. Within a week I realized the marijuana’s reputation as a “weed” is widely exaggerated, because this stuff is hard to grow! I have a fresh appreciation for the science wizards at the cannabis dispensaries who can cultivate such tasty and potent weed. Through trial and error, I ended up producing a few sickly and weak marijuana plants. It was barely enough cannabis to harvest, and when I finally completed the project I found that it tasted terrible! I had to find a new way to alleviate my boredom in the lockdown, because growing cannabis didn’t work for me. I will stick with the cannabis dispensary.


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