I truly didn’t know they had legal cannabis at this place

For the most part, I don’t even prefer traveling.

When the bosses are paying for it, I might as well try to enjoy myself, right? My airfare, hotel room, and meals were all being covered by my directors.

All I had to do was show up and take notes at all the major meetings at the convention. I wasn’t too happy about the convention, because it sounded terribly boring, but I was looking forward to exploring an up-to-date town I had never been to before. Much to my astonishment, I learned that this town has legal recreational cannabis for any adults over the age of 21. Suddenly the boring convention sounded a lot more wonderful. I did a little bit of online research, and found that the greatest cannabis dispensary in the town also had a full cannabis cafe and a smokers lounge. Later that night there would be a live songs performance with playing guitar and singing for the purchasers of the cannabis cafe and lounge. This sounded like a fantastic experience for me. Not only did I get to get some great legal cannabis, but I got to hang around and listen to live songs while getting high! The cannabis cafe was another awesome bonus, because they sold high-end edibles in little bite-sized pieces. That afternoon the convention was a slog, and I raced back to my room as soon as possible to get ready for a night of awesome times. I took an Uber to the pot shop, and stayed there until it closed down at 4 AM. The following night I went back to the same cannabis cafe for another night of awesome times.



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