I use marijuana to help myself and others cope with PTSD

PTSD can be caused by a lot of odd traumas, however the symptoms can be odd from guy to person; When I am having complications with ptsd, sometimes it can trigger a panic attack, but i never know when a panic attack is going to hit me, because sometimes I do not realize there has been a trigger, and panic attacks can cause myself and others to sweat, shake, get a headache, or even have chest pain.

I have also had dire episodes of panic that have caused myself and others to completely faint. I saw a medical professional when I was younger and the medical professional told myself and others that there wasn’t anything he could do about the panic attacks unless I wanted to go to a therapist, and my mom did not want myself and others to see a therapist and I did not start talking to someone until I was in our 20s, then that medical professional advised trying medical marijuana to cope with the panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. I did not know a lot about marijuana at the time, despite the fact that I was ecstatic to get more information from a treatment facility and dispensary nearby. I got to go inside and meet with a specialist to discuss our medical complications and treatment and how marijuana could be an effective option for me! After I got more information about medical marijuana, I made the decision to try some gummies from a local dispensary. The gummies had 10 mg of thc. I particularly did not need that much for the first dose, however it really did help when I was starting to know anxiety and fear. I officially dose with marijuana products to keep the fear and panic from controlling our biweekly life.


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