I usually get our CBD products from a local cannabis dispensary

During our first few years of cannabis use, I would lust after the thought of living in a state with access to legal marijuana.

At the time, there had yet to be a single state in the country to pass a law legalizing recreational marijuana, and all legal states merely had medical marijuana legislation. However, this all changed in just a handful of years when the first state in this nation finally legalized recreational marijuana use for adults 21 and up. My friends and I at the time were all making various plans to transfer out to this state once the two of us had the funds and ability to do so. In reality, only a single of our friends undoubtedly made it out there, and he left after graduating from law school. In the years since, over half of the country has passed both medical and recreational cannabis laws. It’s easier to find a state with some form of legal cannabis than to find a single without. While our state is still far from legalizing recreational marijuana, the two of us have had legal medical cannabis since the beginning of 2017. I got a card later that year and I have had a single since. I started using CBD products particularally after our medical marijuana medical professional suggested I try the cannabinoid to help with our various anxiety troubles. To our joy, it worked wonders and I kept buying it. While CBD is sold in sites as diverse as grocery stores and gas stations, I’d much rather purchase our CBD and hemp products from our local medical cannabis dispensary. That way I believe where the CBD is being sourced from and can be sure that it’s a potent product that won’t leave myself and others disappointed and feeling ripped off.

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