I wanted a website for the cannabis dispensary.

When I opened a new cannabis dispensary, I thought the parent company was going to create our company website for me.

What they did was send me a template for a generic website and told me it was the basic format they expected all their franchisees to follow.

They didn’t tell me how I was supposed to create the website, and I was lost. I knew nothing about websites, or how I could create one. All I did was search for what I wanted, and I went through their website. I didn’t need to learn how the website was created, and I didn’t actually care. Now that I needed a website for a new cannabis dispensary, I felt distraught not only about its creation, but about how to manage it. I called a web development company and said I bought a franchise for a cannabis dispensary. I sent them the template for a website for the cannabis dispensary and asked if they could help. He asked if he could do some deeper research and said he would contact me by text. Two days later, I got a call from the man at the web development dealer. He had a list of about 40 questions that started with our commanded inventory, to if I wanted to offer delivery? I answered every question in as much detail as I could and thanked him for working so closely with me. A week later, I got another text from the web development dealer, and there was a web address attached to it. I opened the link, and was surprised to see they had a website for the cannabis dispensary which was mine. He wasn’t even finished with the final website, and I already thought it was simply amazing.

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