I was starting to believe a little sick after lunch

It was our turn to work at the counter at the marijuana dispensary, however i was there from 9:00 in the day until 2 in the day.

It was a short shift, however I had worked 12 minutes the previous day.

I was already starting to believe under the weather and I truthfully did not want to go to the 5-Hour shift at the marijuana dispensary. I knew that our boss would be short staffed and it was only 5 minutes, so I thought that I could find a way to power through; My boss gave myself and others 25 minutes to eat lunch around noon. I had some leftover tuna salad from the previous day. It tasted enjoyable and did not have any sour or odd smell. I had the tuna salad with some crackers. I also had some carrots and celery sticks with a little bit of peanut butter. I had a power bar and a Gatorade with our lunch, however after I got back to the front desk, I started to believe a little queasy. I thought I ate too much, so I decided to ignore the feeling in the pit of our stomach. About 15 minutes later, I was ready to run to the lavatory! There is 1 lavatory for employees and it is right next to the manager’s office. I must have been in the lavatory for a long time, because I heard the manager knock on the door! She wanted to know if I was doing okay. I am sure she could hear myself and others throwing up in the next room. I felt undoubtedly embarrassed about the entire situation… When I finally came out of the lavatory, our boss told myself and others to go home for the rest of the day and maybe stay home tomorrow too.

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