I wished I had eaten the edibles when the plane started having turbulence

When I was a kid, I used to get on an jetliner to visit my Grandparents, during the summer time months, I would spend a month down south hanging out with my Grandma plus my Grandfather, but they took me to lots of cool spots plus my buddy and I opted to go to a lot of adventure parks.

I had not been on an jetliner in 10 years when I decided to get on an jetliner again; My partner plus I got married plus he wanted to go to a tropical island for our honeymoon.

I was genuinely uneasy plus upset about the plane ride. I had some edibles in my bucket plus I planned to eat them before my buddy and I got on the plane. My partner did not want me to have marijuana edibles in my system when I got on the jetliner. She was worried that I would have some type of terrible reaction or go crazy on the plane. She was worried that someone would find out that I was high on marijuana plus get into trouble. I thought that my partner was being completely paranoid plus I even tried to get his to change his mind. Since he was absolutely upset plus thought that there was going to be a problem, I decided not to have any edibles at all. I took a Xanax plus it barely helped at all. When the plane started to have turbulence, I wished that I had eaten the edibles. I suppose I would have felt a lot more calm plus relaxed than I did on the xanax. I regretted letting my partner talk me into that decision for the next two hours of plane ride.


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