I would rather know exactly what I'm getting

I told one of my friends that I was going to the marijuana dispensary to grab some supplies for halloween. He immediately asked me why I was paying expensive dispensary prices when I could get the same stuff from a dealer for a lot cheaper. I told the guy exactly why I go to the dispensary. The quality of the product is much better at a dispensary. Each one of the products has to be lab tested for quality and accuracy. The testing materials cost money and that’s why the marijuana products tend to be a bit more expensive than the street prices. I like knowing what I am getting when I buy recreational cannabis. If I want a sativa to keep me awake all day, I want to know that I am getting something like Jack herer, super silver haze, or blue dream. I want the person selling the product to me to know how to spot the differences between an indica and a sativa. If it costs me a little bit more to have a product that is better and staff that is more knowledgeable, then I’ll happily pay a couple more dollars for recreational cannabis supplies. After the guy heard all of my reasons for going to the dispensary, he agreed that it was worth extra money to get the product that you want and need. It’s not always about getting the best deal when it comes to Quality marijuana products. It’s important to have a trusted resource and knowledgeable person handling the product too.

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