If medical marijuana is legal, can I buy it anywhere?

If medical marijuana is legal, can I buy it anywhere? If not, then why not? It stymied to think that medical marijuana was the newest wonder drug.

It was abundant, but the government had the right to tell you where you could or could not purchase it.

Why did they keep marijuana locked up like it was some kind of demon, unless that is what they want people to think? They want to keep the stigma of marijuana perpetuating. They don’t want people to think it is a natural medicine able to heal almost anything. They want to continue to look at medical marijuana like it was a drug like heroin or cocaine. If people considered marijuana as a gateway drug to becoming addicted to deadly drugs, they could dole out the medical marijuana only to those who truly needed it and make them pay ten times what it should cost. There are men, women, and children who can benefit from a plant with healing powers; that isn’t a poison. I understand many people use it only for a temporary high, and it may not be right, but there are more people using medical marijuana than any other drug. I hope that someday soon medical marijuana will be sold in pharmacies and over-the-counter instead of hiding in dispensaries like something that should be feared and shaming if you use it. People need to proudly speak out if you use medical marijuana. Tell your doctors that you use medical marijuana and if he gives you grief, remind him he was pushing poisons to you every day that are being recalled because of their deadly properties.


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