I’m consuming CBD products to supplement my high doses of THC

I suppose a lot of people who get diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder as they reach middle adulthood in addition to start to understand their emotional reactions to numerous daily stimuli.

Some of us struggle a little bit more with stress than others, in addition to periodically those reactions can be absolutely debilitating.

When I was in school, I could have benefitted from psychotherapeutic drugs in addition to the therapy I was already receiving at the time. I didn’t think to visit a psychiatrist in addition to seeking out therapy from a licensed mental health counselor. But the more I think about it, I don’t suppose how well I would have performed as a student had I started taking anti-anxiety drugs or even anti-depressants. The side effects that I’ve experienced taking these drugs in the years since have been lots of sedation. I fear I would not have done as superb of a task as a student with this much sedation. Even THC seems to make me somewhat sleepy when I consume too much of it. I like to vaporize cannabis flower products which are naturally high in THC if you get potent batches of sativa or indica strains. I decided to start supplementing my high dose THC products with CBD to not only calm the mental effects, however to also knock back on the sedating side effects of THC. CBD can be a little stimulating at lower doses, so it’s a single way among multiple to get a more balanced effect from cannabis products. The cannabis dispensary where I purchase my cannabis products also sells CBD in addition to hemp oil if customers want to utilize both.

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