I’m trying to get our education minutes so I can advance

When I started toiling at the marijuana dispensary, I did not undoubtedly have any background in the industry. I did not know a lot of information about the bizarre strains and how they affected the body. I had to beginning off toiling in the back area where all of the orders are filled. It was up to myself and others to package all of the online and delivery orders. I had to carefully go through each order and check and double check to make sure that all of the products were in the bag. It helped myself and others become proper with all of the bizarre products that the marijuana dispensary had for sale. The marijuana dispensary has edibles, vape pen accessories, concentrates, and lots of bizarre kinds of smokable flower. It took a long time to learn every single 1 of the products in the dispensary. There are at least a thoUSAnd bizarre items. Every month I work on our education minutes. In order to advance and transport to the next level at the marijuana dispensary, I have to be able to log in 40 minutes of education and training. I get paid for the minutes of education and training, however I have to do the work on our own time. I have been toiling hard to get as much done each month as possible, so I can eventually leave the back of the store and go out front to mingle with the clients. When I can pass the test, I will get a raise and a promotion and a adaptable schedule with paid days off and vacation time.

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