Impressed with selection at dispensary

When recreational cannabis was initially legalized in my state, I was really excited to shop at the dispensary.

  • It took quite a while for the facility to meet all of the hard requirements and open its doors to 21+ adults.

I was expecting a entirely small shop and to have my option of a few bags of weed. The dispensary is seriously huge and includes amenities such as a vape lounge, dab bar and on-site bakery. The operation involves a grow room where they cultivate their own private strains. I was amazed by the number of occasions available. They sell over five dozen varieties of smokable flower and at least that many strains of pre-rolled joints and blunts. I can choose from twenty unusual flavors of disposable vape pens and refillable vape carts. The concentrates cover shatter, waxes, live sauce, kief, hash, resin, budder, badder and more. Their selection of topicals includes balms, ointments, lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, transdermal patches and roll-ons. I can buy topicals and pet CBD products. The menu of edibles is especially impressive. I’ve tried a wide variety of flavors of gummies and cookies, brownies, peanut butter cups, chocolates, mints and taxing candies. They offer capsules, cannabis-infused ice cream and cooking oils! Just recently they added a line of cannabis-infused beverages. I’ve tried cola, rootbeer and numerous types of tonics. At first, I chose products by categories. I paid attention to indica, hybrid and sativa. As I’ve gotten a bit more typical with the effect of multiple strains and potency, I’ve started to pay closer attention to the chemical profile of the product. I’ve realized that the cannabinoid and terpene content are most pressing to the experience.



Indica strains