Investing in a cannabis dispensary

Some time ago, maybe even 30 years back in the day, I was given a golden opportunity and I let it slip by.

At the time video rental stores were extremely popular… Renting VHS tapes and DVDs was a billion dollar market during those times.

It was around this time that the first Redbox machines started to show up outside of stores. A pretty good buddy of mine had a good opportunity to purchase a Redbox machine, and he offered to cut me in on the deal he was investing in. I thought it was a ridiculous idea, so I passed on the opportunity. I have been kicking myself ever since that time, because I would have made a good sum of money. So when my workmate Steve asked me to invest in his up-to-date pot shop, I jumped at the chance. I easily realized that the cannabis industry was super hot, and I couldn’t let another sweet opportunity escape me! The only drawback was the size of the investment. It was a fairly huge amount of money, but in order to win big I needed to risk big, so I sunk every last amount of cash I had into the pot shop. I even cleared out my retirement fund and my 401K just to buy a minority share of the cannabis shop. Now I am waiting anxiously to see what happens, because it will take a few months to start showing a profit at the pot shop. All I can do until that time period is be patient, and promote the cannabis shop with social media and online marketing. This cannabis venture is a pretty serious risk, but I am cautiously optimistic that I will wind up making a huge amount of money down the road.

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