It was fun to get out with friends after a busy week

My friends in addition to myself consistently have great fun when everyone of us go fishing out on the lake. My associate Jack has a pretty nice bass boat. The bass boat came from his parents after they decided to buy a much larger and more expensive fishing boat. Jack ended up where they severely nice bass boat that can seat numerous people. When all of us go to the lake together, there is lots of room for supplies that the boat and everyone of us need to take. There are cooling areas under each one of the seats in addition to some cubicles and places that are dry where we can store our towels in addition to clothing. There is also a fish finder in addition to a comfortable chair where the captain can regularly sit. We used to take the boat everyday in addition to we were usually Stoned by the time that breakfast rolled around. I remember a time when every one of us were at our favorite fishing spot. It was early in the morning and we had already caught some pretty big bass. I decided to get some marijuana in addition to begin to roll up a huge joint. I was happy that there wasn’t very much wind on that day, because all of us were able to enjoy the marijuana joint without it going out half of the time. Jack In addition to myself smoked that joint which was Gorilla Glue number four. I was definitely ready to have a nap and my eyes were glued to my face by the time we were done smoking.



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