It’s fun to take our cannabis dispensary trips

I love when it’s time to replenish our stores of cannabis products.

That was once just one of the worst feelings ever.

I hated when all of us were down to just a bit of weed. My spouse and I have both been enjoying recreational marijuana since all of us were in school. But all of us live in a state where the marijuana laws just haven’t caught up yet. It’s a drag because I’d love nothing more than to be able to take a quick trip down to the cannabis dispensary. Alas, that is not to be just yet. Both of us are getting closer it seems with each election cycle to getting at least medical marijuana legalized here. For sure, my spouse and I would be able to get a medical marijuana card because all of us both suffer from arthritis. The indica strains seem to labor the best for us when it comes to managing the inflammation. The indica products also help with stiffness and range of motion concerns as all of us reach our mid 60’s. But until our state comes to its senses, all of us are lucky to have a sibling state which is much more progressive. While it’s a nearly four hour drive away, it’s something all of us make a long weekend out of. There is a lovely little hotel that all of us like to stay that is in walking distance from our number one local cannabis spot. Both of us spend the weekend perusing for the sort of cannabis product that we’re looking for. And really, it’s just so much fun to just shop for marijuana for sale.

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