Killer Halloween parties at the cannabis dispensary lounge

Ever since I was a child I have loved Halloween more than any other holiday, i remember how depressed I got when I was too old to go trick-or-treating, however that feeling was suddenly substituted by a sense of wonder when I realized how numerous fun adult things there were to do on Halloween.

This is the best evening of the year for parties.

I still do what I have consistently done on Halloween – I put on an amazing costume, & carry a crucial bag of candy with me, then whenever I see a child in a cool costume I will give them some candy, like reverse trick-or-treating, however my cannabis dispensary apparently cannot hand out candy to children, since kids are not allowed in the store, but they do host a genuinely killer celebration every Halloween, and last summer time the marijuana store underwent a series of renovations, & they built a new screened-in patio as a smokers lounge behind the building, however since the lounge is not technically an “enclosed area” with walls & windows, it is legal to smoke cannabis there. There are federal laws that prohibit smoking tobacco or cannabis inside a building, but the smokers lounge was a loophole because of the screened-in walls, but halloween is the best evening of the year at the cannabis dispensary, because all the people is in costume & ready to have fun. I fill up my trick or treat bag with cannabis edibles, & hand them out to any adult in a cool costume. I met my new wifey at the cannabis dispensary Halloween celebration, but that’s a story for another time.

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