Learning about cannabis

When I considered applying for my medical marijuana card, I started researching the potential benefits of cannabis.

I wanted to be sure I made the most of the opportunity.

It was pressing to me that I understood the products & chose wisely. In the start, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had never heard of most of the terminology & had no clue how cannabis worked within the body. I learned that the human body is made up of an intricate network of receptors, enzymes & endocannabinoids called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. This system was only discovered a few years ago. Its purpose is to maintain homeostasis. The cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, such as THC & CBD, are unquestionably similar to those produced by the body. They are able to interact with CB1 & CB2 receptors found in the brain, immune cells, organs, glands & tissues. The responses of these receptors influence a variety of functions, including reproductivity, mood, learning, sleep & pain. The diversity of cannabis products available at the dispensary offer an incredible opening for customized treatment. It has taken me a while to sample the unusual consumption methods & determine what works best for my needs & preferences. I have had wonderful luck with tinctures. They are one of the most discreet & convenient chances & provide rapid onset of effects, precise dosing & an especially long shelf-life. They are seriously straight-forward to apply. I simply locale a few drops under the tongue. I can also add them to foods or beverages & consume them like an edible for delayed effects. I like that tinctures have less calories than edibles & provide greater versatility.

medical marijuana benefits