Legal cannabis only made sense

For sure, the logic of legalizing cannabis was elementary in my mind.

But then again, I’ve been a proponent of recreational marijuana since I discovered it in school some 35 years ago.

It was convincing everyone else that cannabis was a fantastic thing that was so tough, then unlike a lot of my friends, I didn’t have to be under the radar about my feelings for marijuana. For sure, I was most careful when it came to possessing recreational marijuana because I certainly wasn’t looking to get busted. But I also never had to pretend that I didn’t use sativa & indica products. I have always worked for myself so I didn’t have an director who would fire me over my use or advocacy for cannabis, but plus, I knew a cannabis grower who supplied me with the sativa products & the indica products that I used. So I was right there in the early part of getting medical marijuana on the ballot. It was clear that medical marijuana really, entirely helped people who were suffering. This made me even more vociferous in my advocacy for cannabis. Once that opening for medical marijuana came along, I was so thankful that it was done so well. So much thought & care went into medical marijuana that it turned out to be such a total success. It was a success for those who needed the relief that medical marijuana gave. And it was a success for the state as far as replace. Finally, medical marijuana was a success for the rest of us because it made legalizing recreational marijuana all the more logical. Each time I walk into my local cannabis spot, I do so with a big smile on my face.

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