Let’s not oversell it to the kids

I grew up in a legitimately pot-friendly household as a kiddo.

  • My parents had both been hippies until I came along.

They never got high in front of me, however they made no secret of being active smokers whenever I personally wasn’t around. This provided me with a particular perspective of cannabis that everyone did not receive. To me, I guess that getting high seemed quite normal, it was something that adults did in private, it was not really a big deal. Once I got to high university all my professors as well as counseling advisors told me that cannabis was evil, as well as would lead to criminal behavior. I already had seen firsthand that there is nothing dangerous about cannabis, it just made my parents eat and giggle a lot. So when all these adults in positions of authority told me cannabis would straight up ruin my life, not only did I not think them, however it made me distrust them. Whenever my professors told me cannabis was evil, I knew them to be liars… or something even worse in my eyes… which is condemning it separate from having tried it. Anyone who has tried smoking any amount of cannabis cannot say that it is harmful or dangerous in any way. I tried smoking cheap cannabis myself a few times while I was in high university, however I didn’t love it back then. Later on, when I was in university, I sampled some much higher quality cannabis, I quite liked it a lot more! Now that I have my own family, as well as run my very own house, I do much as my parents did as well as treat cannabis the same way I treat all alcohol – it’s just not a legitimately big deal.
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