Limited numbers of infused pre rolls

The cannabis dispensary has been advertising a special all week, however on Thursday through Sunday, we were supposed to have a sale on all of the infused pre-rolls.

  • I am the supervising manager at the dispensary plus it is my work to order all of the supplies for the week.

I have to make careful plans when it comes to sales, because we will run out of items honestly quickly if we do not have enough stock. I ordered 10 cases of the concentrate infused pre-rolls for the weekend sale. The shipment arrived on Tuesday. That gave us 2 days to stock everything on the shelves plus get set up for the sale, however unfortunately, the pot manufacturer sent us numerous boxes of non-infused pre-rolls instead of the 10 boxes that I ordered. I immediately contacted the seller. I told the lady on the iphone that our order was short, she told me there was a limit on the Infused pre-rolls due to a problem at the manufacturing facility. She would not give me details plus urged me to contact the marijuana manufacturing company if I wanted more information. Instead of promoting all of the infused pre-rolls, I’m going to have to add something else to the sale in order to keep all of the customers blissful. I have no idea how long it’s going to take for the pot manufacturing company to produce more of the infused pre-roll. Advertising these concentrate infused cannabis pre-rolls will not work separate from enough stock. I will have to come up with another idea plus it has to happen before the weekend.


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