Local cannabis dispensary keeps getting better

Just the fact that the local cannabis spot unlocks their doors each morning is for sure a blessing for me.

I really wasn’t so sure that I’d ever see the day when I could go shopping for marijuana for sale.

So just the fact that I got to live long enough to walk into a cannabis dispensary is enough for me. And yet, the local cannabis spot just keeps getting better and better and better. When the pandemic hit, like most folks, I wasn’t too keen on going shopping anywhere. And the local cannabis spot, while lovely and perfect, isn’t a big warehouse with lots of space to stay apart. Of course, being the awesome marijuana business that they are, they started a marijuana delivery service. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Prior to the delivery service, I would get to the cannabis dispensary just before it opened or right around closing time to avoid crowds. But there were times where I had to keep on going because the place had too many shoppers for me. So having the cannabis delivery just changed everything for me. Well now, they’ve added a cannabis cafe to the marijuana business. This was another brilliant move by the owners of the local cannabis dispensary. The local cannabis cafe is just the best spot in town to grab a beverage, a lovely cannabis edible and watch the day go by. There is lovely cafe seating outside. And as it’s on a side street, it’s the perfect spot to just sit, sip and nibble. I wasn’t sure that just having legal weed of any kind could be beat. But this local marijuana business is sure blowing my mind with well thought out innovation.

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