Looking for the best quality of flower

I shop different cannabis dispensaries across the state, regularly searching for the best quality flower; While I’ve tried the multiple consumption methods, including vapes, edibles and dabs, I love old-school smoking.

I appreciate to roll my own joints.

I’m able to suit my preferences for how thick or thin the joint, how tightly packed and the potency of the bud. I don’t buy shake and trim, preferring to pay more to avoid sticks and leaves. I appreciate a dense, mature bud with a texture somewhere between sticky and dry… Just by looking at the dried flower, I can tell if it was harvested at the peak time and cultivated properly. The hair-like pistils should be a bright red. If they are colorless, the flower was picked too early. If they are brown or gray, the weed is old. I also look for an abundance of trichomes. They are crystal-like, mushroom-shaped and legitimately tiny but contain the important cannabinoids and terpenes. They are responsible for the high sensation, flavor, odor and curative properties. The pungent odor is proof of the freshness and integrity of the flower, but because of the popularity of dried flower, there are hundreds of different strains on the market. They range in THC potency and are available in sativas, indicas and hybrids. I’m regularly cheerful when I can take luck of a bi-weekly deal or special, try something new and save a little money. I’ve enrolled in a loyalty program at most of the nearby dispensaries. I receive reward points for my purchases that add up to savings on future purchases.


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