Looking into concentrates

I never enjoy walking into situations totally not prepared.

  • So what I do is a lot of research beforehand.

I knew I needed to get some items at the cannabis dispensary for my depression. I just wasn’t certain what kind of cannabis products would work for me. First I looked up my state requirements. I didn’t need a medical weed card. I could just walk in plus get what I wanted off the shelves. Next, I looked up what kind of cannabis dispensary had the best products. I wanted wonderful reviews, trained budtenders plus seed to sell products. After that I started figuring out what kind of weed product I want to make use of. There are all kinds of ways you can get cannabis into the body. You can smoke it. That means a loose leaf flower or an oil based product. I didn’t want to smoke a joint, bong or pipe. I also didn’t want to vape plus have the vape with me at all times. There are all different types of edibles. There is more than just the official pot brownie. That seemed like it could definitely expire and be worthless calories to me. A topical wouldn’t actually work for my concern either. I found that a concentrate was what I needed. There are even stores with dab bars that you can try them out. I didn’t require that however. I knew what 1 I hoped for, where it was in the store I wanted plus how much it ws. When the time was ready, I then grabbed my wallet and picked it up. It felt wonderful to know exactly what was going into my body.

Purple haze