Making a trip for cannabis products

I’m hoping that the state where I own my beach house will finally get it together when it comes to updating the marijuana laws.

In this state, all cannabis products are illegal except for CBD oil plus CBD products.

Other than that, you can forget about it when it comes to possessing any sort of cannabis. And marijuana is still heavily policed around our beachside house as well. But the state senate has prepared yet another medical marijuana bill that my friend and I hope will get passed. My associate Ed and I just missed getting medical marijuana here by percentage points during the last election cycle. So we’re hoping that this next medical marijuana bill will be the 1 that brings a cannabis dispensary to our town. But until that day, I’ll be making a long weekend out of shopping for marijuana for sale. For myself and Ed to be able to get access to a cannabis dispensary, I need to go where recreational marijuana is legal. Thankfully, that’s about a more than 3 hour trip each way to get to the closest marijuana business. Since it’s a bit of a trip, I savor going to stay for the weekend or maybe make it a long weekend plus take our lady. The closest spot to have legal recreational marijuana is also a cool town with lots of interesting stuff to do. Ed and I sometimes even camp out in the cool national park located adjacent to the town Ed and I travel to to buy cannabis products. We’re thankful to have such a fun alternative when it comes to buying our cannabis products. But hopefully, our state will get it together with this current medical marijuana bill then I’ll easily have a local cannabis spot.
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