Making pot brownies for a road trip

I have never been much of a cook.

  • Opening a can of soup, or microwaving some Ramen noodles is about the extent of my culinary expertise.

My friend Joe and I were about to take a long road trip, and he suggested that we make some edibles for the ride. I thought it was a good idea, but wasn’t comfortable with the idea of making them myself. I bought some brownie mix and brought my sack of indica over to Joe’s house for the grand experiment of making our first ever batch of pot brownies. There was a small risk involved, because if the brownies got burned or otherwise ruined, then we were out a quarter ounce of cannabis. Although I greatly preferred smoking cannabis to eating it, there are several advantages to edibles while on a road trip. First of all is the odor – cannabis has such an intense smell that cops will notice it if they pull you over. Cannabis edibles have none of that odor, and are much easier to escape detection from the law. Secondly, I have always found it difficult to light a bowl of cannabis in a moving car. Even with the windows up, it’s hard to get a proper high while I am driving. Cannabis edibles are a lot more mellow, but for the sheer sake of convenience they are perfect for travel. We also hid a small baggie of cannabis in a coffee can in the trunk, so we can get properly high at the end of the trip. And guess what, the pot brownies weren’t that bad!


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