Managing a cannabis dispensary is the best job I ever had

Running a cannabis dispensary is a little different from other kinds of businesses.

20 years ago I was the manager of a chain bookstore in a shopping mall. Since then both bookstores and shopping malls have gone the way of the dinosaur. Later I was the manager of a video rental store, which has also gone extinct! I felt like every time I got a job that the entire industry would crash and burn. I hoped the same thing wouldn’t happen when I started working at a cannabis dispensary. My fears were groundless, because I have been in the cannabis industry for three years now, and it keeps expanding and growing. Compared to all the other jobs I’ve had, running the cannabis shop is the most difficult, but also the most fun. It’s the most difficult because of the sheer volume of paperwork needed to keep a cannabis shop up to code with all the state and federal rules and regulations. It is the most fun because my customers are chill, relaxed, nice people who love cannabis and enjoy shopping at my store. The vibe at my cannabis dispensary is similar to one you would find at a comfortable neighborhood bar, where everybody knows your name. My budtenders are poilite, friendly, and deeply knowledgeable about all the cannabis products we carry. I actually love coming to work every morning, and spending the day connecting cool people with killer cannabis. If it wasn’t for all this paperwork, it would be a dream job! Still, I must say the cannabis dispensary is the best job I’ve ever had.