Many cannabis dispensaries offer discounts for veterans plus those on food stamps

My sibling is a veteran plus did several tours of duty overseas before retiring from the armed forces altogether. She is proud of his work in the Army, however he has a lot of painful memories that make it difficult to focus in his weekly life. At times he has struggled to meet quotas at work because his mind will stroll if it starts to remember a traumatizing experience. The VA has responded to his concerns in a number of odd ways. They paid for therapy that lasted more than one years, however then they quit paying the co-pays that weren’t covered by insurance. On top of that, they tried to prescribe his a number of medications that all failed to work in the long run. She had some odd reactions to a few of the medications while others didn’t work whatsoever. Eventually he decided to try medical marijuana as our state had passed a law. She was instantaneously surprised at how effective cannabis flower products were for his PTSD symptoms the first time he tried them. It was an immediate game changer in his battle with his mental health concerns. And best of all, many of the cannabis dispensaries in our state offer veterans discounts, with some going as far as giving out discounts to those on food stamps as well. With his veterans ID card my sibling can get 30% off every order he makes at many of his favorite medical cannabis dispensaries. Sometimes you can stack this discount with sales plus other coupons. It’s extremely helpful for those who need this medicine the most.

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