Marijuana helps me feel hungry more often

I’ve always had a problem with my metabolism.

It works very quickly and that means that I have a lot of trouble gaining weight.

Several years ago the doctor put me on medicines, but all they did was make me angry and agitated all of the time. I stopped taking the medicine and I deal with the fact that I am severely underweight. About 6 months ago I was talking to a co-worker about my medical problems and she told me that I should smoke pot because it would give me the munchies. I thought that she was joking, but the next day she brought me a bag of medical marijuana gummies. She told me that the bag was a gift and to try them next time I needed to eat. She suggested eating one of the medical marijuana gummies about an hour before dinner. She promised that I would feel hungry for the first time and she promised that the marijuana gummies would work. I was nervous and hesitant to try the marijuana gummies, but I didn’t think it would hurt much at all. I decided to eat one of the pineapple flavored gummies before I went out to dinner with my parents. Usually I have a small salad, but I was starving when we went to dinner. I also said a lot of things that didn’t make much sense. I saw my parents looking at me a couple of times with a very strange and odd look on their face. I was high and hungry, so I didn’t care if they thought I was acting strangely.

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