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One roommate has marijuana delivered every week from someone but she is not going to tell myself as well as others where the packages are coming directly from.

I regularly know that the person is having marijuana delivered from a person because there are packages that are waiting near the doorstep of our own home. The girl is regularly freaked out because the mailman is supposed to be leaving packages inside of the office. This has alerted myself and others instantly to the package and crucial contents that were never to be stolen. Every one of us have some problems with packages that are stolen but all of us would not be worried if there was a marijuana delivery. 15 or 20 minutes after the girl got lake house from work, she disappeared directly into the home office and also then the place was filled with the stink of marijuana. Every one of us knocked on the door and then the person opened up the door a little bit. All of us began to ask a lot of questions about the marijuana stink and that’s when the girl told myself and others that she was just smoking a marijuana joint. She also gave myself and others a recreational marijuana joint and then took a nap. The backpack and her wallet as well as iPhone were gone for a long time and she said she was in her bedroom but her bike was completely gone. I think she must be some type of messenger to everyone else on campus.

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