Medical cannabis has changed my life

Two weeks ago I went to a wedding & had the time of my life; I’m still sort of glowing over it in fact, however while the wedding was wonderful & the reception was a blast, that’s not the main reason I’m glowing.

I’m still so gleeful because I was able to certainly go to the wedding… That’s how far I’ve come since beginning treatment for social anxiety with cannabis.

Where I live, medical marijuana was legalized not all that long ago; Recreational marijuana is still illegal. To get access to the local cannabis spot, I had to get a medical marijuana card. I’m just so lucky that my history of anxiety & depression was one of the qualifying conditions; Once I got access to the cannabis dispensary, I was in fantastic hands, and but just getting the courage up to walk into the local cannabis spot was a big deal, and my social anxiety had gotten to the point where the meds from the healthcare worker weren’t helping any longer. It got to the point where I had to take a job where I could labor remotely from home, going into & interacting inside an office environment was no longer something I was capable of doing; A buddy encouraged me to try medical cannabis & wouldn’t relent, but so I got my medical marijuana card & got the help I needed from the kind people at my local cannabis spot. That was just five months ago. When I told my therapist that I was going to go to a wedding, she could hardly guess it, for sure, sativa strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary have been the most effective medicine for me when it comes to managing my social anxiety.

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