Medical cannabis is better than I thought

I used to be a hater when it came to cannabis. Then I became a medical cannabis patient and all of that changed. I needed medical marijuana to treat my anxiety. I started freaking out anytime I drove a car or had to handle a big workload at the office. It was affecting everything in my life. I couldn’t drive, get grecco eris, go out with friends or be productive at work. Once my sleeping and workouts were affected, I did some research. Medical weed came up time and time again for being the fixer for it. I finally caved and just got it. I thought I would be high all the time and smell like pot. I figured I wouldn’t get respect at work anymore. Well it turns out I can be discreet with my medical marijuana. I don’t need to smoke a cannabis flower that leaves a smell. I can vape a cannabis oil that doesn’t leave any lasting smell and isn’t that hard to operate. I can quickly hit a button and light up on a lunch break. It dissipates so fast that nobody would know it was cannabis. Also, my strain of weed isn’t high in THC. I don’t actually feel high at all since it is mainly a CBD blend. It is so easy, convenient and not expensive. I feel so much better too. I can drive, work and hang out like normal. The marijuana wears off quickly so I never need to worry about operating a vehicle under the influence. I should have been a medical cannabis patient for years.

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