Medical marijuana got me through cancer treatment

If it hadn’t been for the medical marijuana that I used while I was dealing with cancer treatments, I’m not sure that I’m in the position I’m in.

Cancer was something that was not on my radar at all.

But I don’t think most of us really consider that we’re at risk for cancer when we’re young and healthy. This fact was what really blew my mind when the doctor said the word cancer. Initially, the last thing I really wanted to do was navigate the marijuana regulations in order to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. The very thought that I had something that could probably kill me was all I could think about. But my doctor really stayed with it and pushed me to get going when it came to dealing with marijuana regulations. She really wanted me to get access to the legal weed store so I could get the medical marijuana benefits she knew I would receive. And this really needed to start before I was to begin chemotherapy. I’m really glad that I got myself off of the pity train and into the cannabis dispensary. It turns out that the medical marijuana benefits were significant when it came to controlling nausea. The cannabis flower products also helped me develop and capitalize on a healthy appetite all the way through my cancer treatment. This is vital because it allowed me to continue to put healthy, good food into my system. But I think the biggest medical marijuana benefit for me was the fact that I stopped being scared and started being about healing. That was a big part of me getting to remission.

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