Mom and I go to the cannabis dispensary

It’s funny the things you get from your parents. And the older I get, the more I see mannerisms and characteristics that seem to come directly from mom and dad. So when my mom was so talkative that first time in the local cannabis spot, I knew that she was certainly nervous. I do the honestly same thing when I’m in a new place or with people I feel intimidated by. I just can’t seem to shut my face for some reason. Actually, my mom came to me all hush, hush with questions about marijuana. She knew that I used recreational marijuana which is something that my dad sort of just ignores. I don’t smoke cannabis around them and I hold down an accountable, successful life so I think dad’s reaction is sort of his blessing perhaps. But my mom has always been so interested in cannabis. She was in college in the 70’s when recreational marijuana was everywhere. Still, she never experimented with cannabis as that’s just not how she was raised. So my mom’s questions about marijuana persisted until she finally asked me to take her to my local cannabis spot. I obliged and it was such an interesting trip for me and her both. I’m at the correct local cannabis spot so they all greet me by name. I think this just impressed my mom no end because she started talking almost non stop. She was peppering the staff with all sorts of marijuana related questions. It was a hoot. We ended up buying her some sativa edibles. My mom and I ended up trying out her edibles one weekend when dad was out of town. And my friend and I both talked all evening long. It was a blast.

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