Most of the time, I smoke the same strain of cannabis

When I was a youngster, my Grandpa was a pretty serious smoker.

  • He smoked at least a pack of cigarettes every day, from the early morning hours through bedtime.

He always smoked the same brand. I won’t mention the name of it, because I don’t want to give them free advertising, but it was constantly always the same brand. I asked him why he didn’t smoke other kinds of cigarettes, plus he didn’t have an answer, he just liked this one the best. Recently I have come to notice that I have the same attitude about cannabis. There are a small selection of cannabis strains plus products that I prefer, plus I rarely try anything entirely new or different. I need to start saving extra currency every month, plus one excellent way I found to cut down on my cannabis budget is to bargain shop, plus try strains that are new. My truly number one kind of weed is known as OG Kush, plus there are multiple variants of it that are all equally superb. OG Kush is a premium strain, plus commands a truly high price. Much like Grandpa plus his number one brand of cigarettes, I always wish to find this luxurious strain of cannabis. I had to expand my horizons, plus sample other cannabis buds to see if I could find one that was just as great for a cheaper price. I also started to check the cannabis shop websites every week to find out if anyone was having a wonderful deal on OG Kush. That strain will always be my most enjoyed kind of cannabis, but I am learning that there are some other pretty amazing strains available out there.



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