Most of the time, I want to smoke the same strain of cannabis

When I was a little one back in the day, my Grandma was an intense chain smoker.

She smoked at least a pack of cigarettes every afternoon, from the early morning time through bedtime.

She essentially always smoked the same brand. I won’t say the name of what she was smoking, because I don’t want to provide them free advertising, but it was the same brand all of the time. I asked her why she didn’t smoke other kinds of cigarettes, and she didn’t have an answer, she simply liked this one the best. Recently I have realized that I have the same attitude when it comes to cannabis. There are only a few cannabis strains and products that I prefer, and I rarely try anything up-to-date or different. I need to start saving more money every month, and one great way I found to cut down on my cannabis budget is to bargain shop, and try up-to-date strains. My very favorite kind of weed is called OG Kush, and there are multiple variants of it that are all equally good to try. OG Kush is a premium strain, and comes about a very high price. Much like Grandma and her most enjoyed brand of cigarettes, I always want this costly strain of cannabis. I had to expand my horizons, and sample other kinds of cannabis to see if I could manage to find something that was just as fantastic for a considerably cheaper price. I also started to check the pot shop websites every week to find out if anyone was having a fine deal when it came to OG Kush products. That strain will be my favorite kind of cannabis for all time, but I am learning that there are some other pretty fascinating strains out there.

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