My acquaintance got in substantial trouble for vaping in the airport powder room

Jack plus I labor together at the office! Both of us have a degree in business management plus economics; There are frequent times when both of us end up going to a conference or labor meeting together, and i have known Jack for several years! She is a solid plus lay up lady.

  • I was surprised plus shocked when our coworker got into drastic trouble at the airport last week, and we were taking a flight across the country to talk with 1 of our customers about a potential deal… Jack said she was going to use the powder room plus she would be right back.

I saw a commotion by the powder room plus then our coworker plus friend was escorted out of the powder room. She wasn’t in handcuffs, however I could tell that she wasn’t going with them because she wanted to. I got up abruptly from our seat plus walked over to the section where Jack was kneeling with the security guards. She got into trouble for Vaping in the airport powder room. I didn’t even suppose that our coworker plus friend use recreational or medical marijuana so I was unquestionably surprised to find out that she was in the powder room using recreational marijuana products. Jack nearly missed our flight, because she was talking to the airport security staff. I am actually surprised they let him go separate from any further action on the part of the airport security staff. I thought I might have to go to the local police station plus bail out our friend for making a stupid decision in the airport.



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