My best friend smokes marijuana all day and every day

My best friend and I have known each other for ten years. The guy is my right hand man and I would trust him with my life. We met when the two of us worked together at a burger joint. Jack works up front and I work in the back. We always had a good time at work. Eventually we started hanging out on the weekends, when both of us had a day off together. We went fishing, hiking, and kayaking. The first time that Jack and I hung out, I found out that he regularly uses recreational marijuana. Jack is the first person that I ever met that uses recreational marijuana all of the time. It doesn’t even affect the guy at all. I smoked recreational marijuana with him a couple of times. I felt dizzy and woozy and then I could not stop laughing. Jack seemed to be just fine every time we smoked weed together. The guy has been using recreational marijuana since he was in his teens. He told me that marijuana makes him feel more human. He has always felt very weird like an outsider. When he gets high, he doesn’t think about all of those things that might make him different from everyone else. I kind of understood what Jack was saying when he explained it to me like that. I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of person to regularly use marijuana every day, but I’m super glad that my friend found something that makes him feel more like a human being and less like an outsider from another planet.

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