My best neighbor started at the dispensary this week

I’ve been laboring at the marijuana dispensary since the beginning of May, however the job is fun plus exciting plus every day is different..There were no delivery driver positions available when I started, so I took a position laboring inside of the store as a budtender… I actually adore the job a lot better plus I do not have to put thoUSAnds of miles on our car each plus every day.

The dispensary did have an ad up online for a delivery driver plus our best neighbor wanted the position, but he asked if I could say something to our boss to help him get the job.

I’ve been laboring there since May, so I thought it might not hurt to say something about our friend. The supervisor was truly happy when she found out that I had someone to recommend, but she told me that I was a fine employee plus she valued our opinion. She told me to tell our neighbor to fill out an application plus she would immediately contact him for an interview. She did exactly what she promised, however as soon as Jack filled out an application online, the supervisor contacted him for an interview, however jack was hired a couple of afternoons later. He started laboring at the dispensary this week. I’m pretty excited to have our best neighbor laboring at the marijuana shop with me. He will be a delivery driver, so he will be in plus out of the store all night. It will still be nice to hang out with the guy plus see him more frequently.

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