My boss made me angry enough to spit nails

My boss was angry with me and it was not my fault.

I tried to tell the guy that I was not going to be able to fix the electrical problem.

It was way above my pay grade and I knew that we needed to contact someone that specializes in the machines. The problem with the machine was electrical and I believed that there was a software issue as well. My boss threatened to fire me when I could not find the answer to the problem. I decided to leave work early instead of getting into a huge argument. I clocked out and left and I didn’t care if I got written up or not. When I got out to my car, I smoked a huge marijuana joint. Marijuana always makes me feel much more calm and at ease. After I smoked half of a marijuana joint, I started to feel more calm. I decided to walk back into the building to talk to my boss. He thought that I had left, but I was still there. We talked for a couple of minutes and he tried to blame the problem on me again. I walked out of the building and I didn’t come back until 3 days later. My boss tried to fire me, but I contacted my union representative. I did the right thing by walking out instead of fighting with the boss. There was no good reason for him to terminate my employment, so he had to back off or deal with the union reps and a wrongful termination lawsuit


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