My brother Eddie works at a recreational marijuana dispensary

My brother Eddie works at a recreational marijuana dispensary near our house. He started working there not long after he graduated from high school at the end of last year. He thought that he was just going to be working there for a little while while he was waiting around for his college classes to start up in the fall. But it didn’t work out that way for Eddie at all! He is really loving the work at the recreational marijuana store so much that he has decided to take a permanent management position there. He says that there is such a growth opportunity there that he would be stupid to turn it down. The recreational cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds around here and Eddie knows it. The inside of the place where he works is very modern and high tech and he really loves it. This particular recreational marijuana dispensary is not like any other one that I have ever seen. Eddie says that it is kind of a flagship store for a lot of the other stores that are going to be going up in our area over the next few years. Eddie is pretty excited about their business plan and I guess with hard work, he will be able to move up on the ladder of success there. I know that he’s really great at his job, and he seems to be a natural when it comes to selling cannabis and cannabis products. He is always the top salesperson at work for some reason!


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