My card was missing for weeks

I left my debit card somewhere on saturday, but I didn’t have any idea where it could be.

I went crazy shopping on saturday, because my wife’s birthday and our anniversary are both coming up around the same time.

I must have visited a dozen different shops that day. I tried to call as many places as I could remember, but no one had my card. I gave up looking and decided to cancel it. I did not want anyone to have access to my banking information or my credit cards. The bank suggested the safest bet was definitely to cancel the card. I still asked around from time to time. I thought it was peculiar that no one found my license. I assumed I dropped it somewhere other than inside of a store. I was shopping for a new pair of shoes and I suddenly remembered one place that I never checked for my wallet. There is a marijuana dispensary behind the shoe store. It’s kind of hard to see from the street, but it’s easy to see from the shoe store. While I was in the store, I thought about buying marijuana products. I even walked down to the marijuana dispensary, but I never actually went inside. I decided to contact the dispensary just to see if anyone found it in the parking lot. Sure enough, the woman told me that she has been trying to get a hold of me for weeks. The credit card had been sitting at the marijuana shop for the last 20 days. I had already canceled the card and received a new one, but it was a load off my mind to know that the other bank card wasn’t floating around in limbo or sitting in someone else’s wallet.