My cousin had never smoked cannabis before

I smoke so much weed in the house I can’t even odor it anymore… Like the odor of low tide, after a while I just grew accustomed to it.

If anything, the house odors odd when there isn’t pot smoke in the air. All of that had to change when my cousin Marcus came to stay with me for a few afternoons. Marcus is still in high university, and wanted to tour the local school campus, so he asked to crash on my couch. Marcus has unquestionably strict, religious parents, so I wanted to clear out some of the funky marijuana odor before he arrived. I thought I did a great task and got rid of the tell-tale scent of cannabis, although I was wrong. Marcus odored cannabis as soon as he walked in the house! I was so used to the odors that it just odored normal to me. Right away, Marcus started to ask me a lot of questions about cannabis. He was a teenager, ready to transfer out on his own, and he was unquestionably curious about trying marijuana. I was sympathetic to the kid, however on the other hand his parents would skin me alive if they found out I gave marijuana to their rare baby boy. Marcus made the choice for me; When I came out of the shower later that night I could clearly detect the odor of marijuana smoke. I found him in the living room, sputtering and coughing on his first toke of cannabis. He swore that he wouldn’t tell his folks, so I packed us up a fresh bowl.

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