My cousin treats his epilepsy with cannabis

My cousins were raised right down the street from my sister and I. My uncle and Aunt lived in a large house right on the corner of our road. Frequently, my sister and I would ride our bikes down to our cousin’s house to play video games or watch movies. Her cousins had one of the biggest living room TVs I’ve ever seen. Back then there was no such thing as thin plasma screen televisions, instead they were still CRTVs. CRTVs are massive and way a ton. And in those days we primarily used VHS tapes as it was the early days of DVDs. My own uncle had one of the biggest movie collections I’ve seen in my entire life. My youngest cousin had symptoms of epilepsy from an early age, but he didn’t let it dampen his spirits. He was usually one of the most enthusiastic people about watching movies in a group setting. I just wish back then he could have had access to medical cannabis like he does now. His medical cannabis is more effective than any other medication and reversing a seizure. He always has cannabis tinctures and cannabis vaporizer cartridges on hand in case he has a random seizure. Since he treats his epilepsy daily with consumption of cannabis edibles, he doesn’t get nearly as many seizures as he used to. He’s quite fond of live resin products such as the live resin oil cartridges that he purchases on sale at least once a week. With cannabis being legal in this state for the past 4 years, there are quite a few options for different cannabis dispensaries statewide.


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