My decision wasn't that smart

It has been one entirely long sizzling and addition to humid summer.

Every time that I have had some time away from work I have gone out with my friends. We try to pick activities that have a little bit of water. We went to a place that was just like the beach. We went to the beach for a whole day because that is the only time I will go to the beach. I like to have everything set up in the sand and I will not make all of the track for anything less than all day. I easily pack up the cooler with drinks, juices, sandwiches, and fruit. My friends in addition to myself go out on the boat frequently and we take sunscreen in addition to umbrellas. A few weeks ago my friends in addition to myself took an inflatable raft down one of the long rivers that has clear and natural water coming up from the bottom. We were on the river that day smoking a couple of joints when we heard the boat hit a stick in the water and it suddenly popped. We begin to sink faster than I ever could have imagined and the first thought on my mind was saving all of the marijuana from getting wet. I was already going down with the ship and I was going to get so, but I was worried about saving the marijuana like it wasn’t going to get wet with me as the ship went down in the water.


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