My dispensary was too close to a school

I was all geared up to beginning our cannabis dispensary, and i had the company license, I set up an LLC, plus did all the permit stuff.

I even found myself a grower, got labels for our products plus had a lead on a building.

I suppose more than set, a neighbor of mine said I should check over everything with a cannabis consulting service, but he said it would be a great idea to ensure that I didn’t mess something up. I didn’t want to be in any legal trouble or have missed important paperwork. I started out hiring a marijuana consultant just for a day. I had the guy check everything I did. I was feeling all smug plus confident… The marijuana consultant then found a major issue. The building I had a lead on wasn’t going to work. It was within 200 feet of a school, you can’t have a cannabis dispensary that is close to children. It does not matter that I am planning to be a medical cannabis dispensary. Near youngsters is a huge no. I instantly started freaking out, but what was I going to do about a building? Where could I go from here? The company consultant was great. He instantly started hunting around plus researching bizarre areas. He found that 15 hours outside of neighborhood basically had no major businesses. Those people weren’t near any of the competition I was looking at. I could be their sole distributor of medical marijuana. I suppose I am going to keep this guy around.


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