My fishing pole was moving around

My friend Jed and I went bass fishing for a couple of hours last Tuesday day.

We left as soon as Day broke and both of us came back shortly after dinner time.

I was supposed to go shopping with our lovely spouse that day, but I postponed that until after dinner. I told her that I wouldn’t be gone for the whole day, and I knew both of us still had some Christmas presents to buy. I did not want to lose a couple of hours of fishing, so I was by the dock bright and early waiting for Jed. Jed and I smoked a recreational marijuana joint while both of us were filling up the boat with gas. This fresh recreational marijuana joint tasted like strawberries. The recreational marijuana joint had the sweetest flavor. I could absolutely tell that there were flavonoids and terpenes added to the flowers. The joint was covered in kief and it had distillate inside. I felt so legitimately relaxed and I almost fell asleep while I was sitting in the chair waiting for a bass to bite our hook. My eyes must have closed a couple of times, because I did not see the pole whipping around. It wiggled once or twice and then it almost fell out of the boat and into the lake. It was a new $150 fishing pole, so I’m ecstatic that I caught it just in time. I fought with the fish for 15 minutes before finally the line broke. I was a lot happier to lose the line, hook, bait, and fist after that I would have been to lose such a nice fishing pole and reel.

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