My friend got some legit wonderful weed

I recently moved here, after I got a job finally working at the factory and then I found a couple of up-to-date friends legit quickly.

  • There are a lot of folks that task at the factory and smoke marijuana.

I instantly became friends with those folks. Marijuana is totally legal for recreational and medical reasons here, but the people that are employed at the factory don’t exactly want us to use medical marijuana while at work. I made friends with the men that smoke and figured out that they all meet by the loading docks for dinner and smoke a couple of blunts. I met a guy named Ed and he enjoys fishing as much as I do. I told Ed that I recently got a couple of up-to-date rods and reels and both of us started talking about bait. Ed asked me if I had been out to the lake recently and I told him that I don’t have a boat, Ed told me that he has a boat and asked me if I wanted to join him on Tuesday for a few hours of fishing on our day off. I was supposed to go shopping with our spouse, but I knew that she wouldn’t mind if I postponed our shopping trip so I could take up Ed on his offer. We left as soon as the sun came out and headed for one of the best fishing spots on the lake. On our drive out, Ed got out an infused marijuana joint that he obtained from the dispensary. The infused marijuana joint was very tasty, like fresh grapes. It was a hybrid with 47% thc. The infused marijuana joint made me and Ed think legitimately relaxed.


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