My mom prefers edible cannabis treats

They have been using medical marijuana products for the past 3 years

For the past 9 months, I have been trying to get my mom to use cannabis products. I’ve gone to the dispensary to buy every kind of edible. My mom likes the flavor of the edibles. I told her that cannabis products would absolutely help her feel better and stronger. She didn’t believe me that the results would be so amazing, but I knew they would be great. The benefits for me were amazing and I wanted to share that with my mom. She still believed that cannabis was a drug after having her brainwashed for the past 40 years. I was very surprised when I went to visit my mom for spring break and she had marijuana in the house. She told me that the marijuana belonged to her. I felt like I invaded her privacy, but I wanted to know more. I had lots of different questions, because I didn’t really think my mom would ever think about using marijuana products. My mom didn’t really want to discuss anything with me, but I did price some important details out of her. She told me that her and my dad have medical marijuana cards that were issued from the state. They have been using medical marijuana products for the past 3 years. Nobody else in the whole family knows this secret. My mom made me promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone else in the family that she was using marijuana products. I told her that she shouldn’t be ashamed, but she was convinced that she did not want anyone to know except me.


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