My mom secretly used cannabis

From a very young age I became the keeper of the family secrets.

  • Perhaps you have something like this in your family, but there seems to always be one person that knows everyone’s business.

For decades that was my grandma Ethyl. Ethyl knew everything about everyone, in the family and in the town too! She wasn’t a gossip, though, she knew all of this because people choose to confide in her. I must take after Ethyl, because my whole life people choose to tell me their secrets. I knew that my mom was smoking cannabis before anyone else figured it out. I never told her secret, but after a while it just gets hard to hide the tell-tale signs of cannabis use. With its potent odor, cannabis is not a very discrete drug to use! It bears mentioning that this was many years ago, in a time when there were no legal cannabis dispensaries. Even if doctors of the time wanted to prescribe medical marijuna the laws prevented them from doing it. My mom was not getting wrecked on cannabis just for fun, it really helped steady her nerves and be strong for the family. Thanks to the “truth serum” of cannabis, she confided in me how stressful it was to lead a family, and how hard it was to remain tough for everyone else. As I mentioned, a few months after that my dad found my mom’s cannabis stash and confronted her about it. This is actually the first time I have ever confided the secret of my mom’s cannabis use!