My number one cannabis business uses alien branding

I’ve consistently been a fan of alien plus UFO lore, even if I disclose to myself there’s a chance it’s all just fiction.

It’s a fun thing to explore from an intellectual standpoint, even if you just chalk it up to sci-fi entertainment.

I watched a lot of alien plus UFO themed films when I was a kid for instance. It’s possible that I watched far too multiple alien themed films plus other science fiction themed films. But it’s just what I was interested in from a young age. I was watching The X-Files when I was a kid for instance. However, a lot of this gratified led to nightmares of varying kinds. It’s funny when I see a lot of companies embrace alien plus UFO themed imagery in their advertising. There’s a particularly popular cannabis business that has won lots of awards nationwide that uses primarily alien themed branding. They have a lot of strain names that are based on swings of UFO plus alien concepts. They particularly have a strain name called Area 41 instead of Area 51. There’s another strain name it’s referred to as Xeno instead of Xenu, the alien god from Scientology. It’s funny seeing all of this alien themed branding on some of my number one medical cannabis products, then unblessedly, this business does not offer cheap medical cannabis products. They have some of the most expensive medical marijuana flower products in the entire state. I know it’s smart to embrace something that is memorable when it comes to branding, even when it comes to medical marijuana products. There’s so multiple medical marijuana companies out there that they have to do things to push past their competition.

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